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Day 4 - Sport Climbing

Day 8 - Sea Kayaking and Multi-Pitch Climbing

Day 9 - Return Travel

Are you tired yet?  It is time for a break from climbing, but not from excellent things to do!  This day will be spent relaxing on the beach, getting a Thai massage and swimming in the hidden lagoon!  And if you aren't too tired, we may squeeze in some bouldering.

Day 2 - Arrive in Krabi and travel to your accommodations

In the morning we will make a trek into the jungle to search out the bouldering cave.  The afternoon will be spent on instruction for multi-pitch climbing, including rappelling and some rope rescue drills.  

Day 7 - Bouldering

Your international flight will depart from your hometown and take you to Krabi International Airport (KBV).  When traveling from North America, you will lose a day when crossing the international dateline.  Never fear!  You will regain your day on the return trip.  Stone Adventures can assist you in flight bookings- just ask!

Your Stone Adventures guide will meet you at the airport in Krabi when you step off the plane.  After collecting your bags we will take you to your accommodations and get you checked in.  If there is time, we will do some rock climbing!

More rock climbing!  Throughout the day, your guide will also start to teach you the skills necessary for multi-pitch climbing.

Day 1 - Air Travel​​

This is what we have been preparing for!  We will take the sea kayaks and paddle to a huge limestone island.  After tying the kayaks to the rock, we will climb 300-400 feet right out of the kayak and to the top of a limestone karst island.  After savoring the view and the experience, we will rappel right back into the kayaks and paddle in to town for a celebration dinner!

Day 6 - Sea Kayaking and Deep Water Soloing

Southern Thailand is also world-famous as a destination for deep water solo climbing.  We will pack lunches, rent sea kayaks and paddle across the turquoise waters to limestone islands where we can climb right over the ocean with no need for ropes.  This is a completely unique experience found in only a few places in the world.  Test your meddle with a saltwater crashpad! 

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It is time to do what you came for!  We will spend the day rock climbing on the famous sport climbing routes either in the jungle or right on the beach!  Your guide will coach you on tricks for the overhanging limestone, and also cover belaying and an intro to lead climbing (if necessary).

Day 3 - Sport Climbing

All good things come to an end.  Your guide will bring you back to the airport for your return journey.  Remember that day you lost on the way here?  You'll be getting it back.  In fact, you may arrive home before you even left Thailand?!?!  And you just had the trip of a lifetime with only 1 week off of work!

Day 5 - Hidden Lagoon and Thai Massage

How much adventure can you have in 9 days?

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