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Statistically speaking, rappelling is the most dangerous aspect of rock climbing.  Don't let yourself become a victim!  Our rappelling course is perfect for rock climbers, mountain climbers and canyoneers who want to learn how to safely and efficiently rappel.

1-2 DAYS

5-7 Hours

6-8 Hours

Attaching your rope systems to the rock is one of the most fundamental and difficult-to-master skills in rock climbing.  Let us show you the tricks to set up a rope almost anywhere!

Looking to make the transition from your indoor rock climbing gym to climbing on the real rock outdoors?  The course is for you!  We will cover outdoor bouldering, top roping, and outdoor climbing techniques in a fun and educational course.

One of the most often overlooked but most important skill sets that any rock climber can have is the knowledge of how to rescue oneself or his/her partner when things go awry.  Do you know what to do?  Our full Self Rescue course takes 2 days, but we can customize a course to fit exactly what you need to learn given your rock climbing goals.

1-2 DAYS

4-5 Hours

5-6 Hours

Looking to learn the ropes?  How to rappel?  Our rock climbing instruction courses are designed to do just that- teach you the basics of different disciplines of rock climbing, so that you can be on your way to becoming a self-sufficient rock climber!  For a full list of our rock climbing instruction courses and rates, click here.

Ready to make the leap from top rope climbing to lead climbing?  Already learned to lead climb indoors in the rock climbing gym, but need the extra skills to transition outdoors?  Our Intro to Outdoor Sport Climbing is just for you!

Are those huge rock faces calling your name?  Our certified multi-pitch rock climbing guides will teach you the ins and outs of summiting huge rock climbing objectives.  Ideally a 2 day class, with the first day spent learning and the second day spent rock climbing!

Do you love crack climbing?  Getting bored with clipping bolts on sport climbs?  Trad, or traditional climbing is where the real adventure lies!  Learn to place your own protection while lead climbing, things such as nuts, cams and slings, to get that "clean climbing" experience!

6-8 Hours

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