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Stone Master Rock Climbing Challenges in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Bouldering Century100 boulder problems in a day - You choose the ethics- does down-climbing count?  100 different boulder problems?  Do repeats count?

Bouldering Challenges in Joshua Tree

Half Dome Day- 20 pitches in 1 day - Half Dome is roughly 20 pitches, or 2000', hence the name.  You could go for 20 pitches, or 2000' (not all climbs are exactly 100' in Joshua Tree).  Choose your own ethics, but the standard is 20 pitches.

Modern Rock Climbing Challenges in Joshua Tree

1000 Joshua Tree Routes1000 different rock climbing routes in Joshua Tree in your lifetime - To be considered a "local" in Joshua Tree, you need to have climbed 1000 different rock climbing routes.  Generally the old-schoolers don't consider boulder problems to count towards this tally.  There is no time limit- just get 1000 routes in your lifetime.  Speed record is 1000 routes in 30 days by the late Mike Reardon.  All time record is Alan Bartlett with over 4000 routes.  Another interesting challenge is 1000 routes in 100 days.

Please contact us if you have any additional rock climbing challenges in Joshua Tree, or if you notice any factual errors listed.  We try to be accurate and thorough!

Joshua Tree rock climbing challenges are a thing of legend- this used to be the playhouse of the Stone Masters.  The Stone Masters were a group of ridiculously strong (both physically and mentally) rock climbers in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s who pushed the standards of free climbing in the United States.  Well, Joshua Tree was their winter training ground, and the Stone Masters lived for rock climbing and one-upping each other in terms of difficulty, danger and stamina.  They were the climbers who nabbed most of the first ascents out here in Joshua Tree National Park.  Even though rock climbing has evolved, the stage set by the Stone Masters has remained.  Although there are newer and more difficult rock climbing challenges in Joshua Tree today, the challenges created by the Stone Masters are still very tough to complete!  Do you have what it takes to be a modern-day Stone Master?

Joshua Tree rock climbing hand left

Curious about the Stone Masters, Joshua Tree rock climbing challenges, or just need some motivation to get out on the rocks in Joshua Tree?  Listen to the original Stone Master and ringleader, John Long, recount one of his un-roped Joshua Tree rock climbing challenges, the Half Dome Day, with the late Stone Master John Bachar.  It is by far the best rock climbing story I have ever heard...

Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Challenges

Aron's hands after the bouldering century.  Not bad considering those hands climbed 100 boulder problems in a day!

Joshua Tree rock climbing hand right



Joshua Tree Hat Trick 1 trad route, 1 sport route, and 1 boulder problem in a day - While this challenge is not too difficult, it can be further sub-categorized.  A 5.11 hat trick (all climbs 5.11 or up), or a five-star hat trick (all climbs listed as five-star in the guidebook), etc.  A very fun all-rounder challenge attainable by most climbers.

El Cap Day- 30 pitches in 1 day - El Capitan is roughly 30 pitches, or 3000', hence the name.  30 pitches of rock climbing in Joshua Tree.

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Mile Day100 pitches in 1 day - Also called the Joshua Tree Century.  After 100 pitches in a day, you will have most likely climbed a vertical mile.  100 routes of an average 52.8 feet high would be a vertical mile.  Choose your own ethics- can you repeat climbs?  Does down-climbing count?  It's all good as long as you are honest about your accomplishment.  Current record is Mike Reardon with 280 pitches in a day, including repeats and down-climbs.

100 V-Points 100 V-Points in a day - This makes for a fun and friendly competition between you and your buddies.  Who can get the most V-Points?  It may not be the strongest climber in your group, but the most determined.  For example, a V1 boulder problem is 1 V-Point, and a V5 is 5 V-Points.  Add up your V-Points and aim for 100.  For example, that would be 100 V1 boulder problems, or 50 V2 boulder problems, or 10 V10 boulder problems in a day!  However you go about it, this is a tough challenge.  Will your forearms give out first, or your skin?

Rock Climbing Challenges in Joshua Tree National Park

Highball Quinfecta 5 notorious V3 highball boulder problems in a day - Here is the list: Slashface V3R, White Rastafarian V3R, The Function V3R, Act of Contrition V3R, and Miledi V3R.  Best done with an entourage of minions to carry loads of bouldering pads!  It also provides an excellent tour of the park to visit these 5 locations in a day.