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Stone Adventures - Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guides - Stone Adventures rental rock climbing harness. The momentum rock climbing harness in Black Diamond.

A sampling of our climbing gear, and the bones of the new gear closet.

Armour Helmet by Camp.  6 rental helmets.

Rock Climbing Gear Reviews

Our harness selection

Stone Adventures - Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guides - Stone Adventures Rental rock climbing harnesses

boxes and containers.  The idea is to have all of the gear out, visible, and easy to grab at a moments notice.  No more searching through boxes to find that lost item!

It will be a challenge to get everything organized, as we have snowboard gear, big wall equipment, slackline and highline gear, camping gear, backpacking gear, ice climbing gear, guiding gear, and of course, our personal climbing gear!  I also want to be able to hang my jackets here as well.

Stone Adventures - Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guides - A selection of rock climbing gear from Stone Adventures in their gear closet.

Welcome to our gear closet!

Stone Master rock climbing shoes made by FiveTen, sizes 5~14

Notice the foam pad and sticker hanging off the side of the helmet strap.

The term "rental gear" is a bit of a misnomer because we provide it, free of charge, to anyone who books a trip with us.  Our rental gear is brand spankin' new!  We have FiveTen Stone Master rock climbing shoes, sizes 5~14.  I personally clean them inside and out with a wet rag every time they are used, and then spray them with shoe spray.  This way, they are cleaned and disinfected!  We ordered these shoes in

The Rental Gear

We purchased 6 Armour Helmets from Camp.  We ordered them because they have interesting colors and are one-size-fits-all.  They cover a very wide range of head sizes (54-60 cm), whereas the Black Diamond Half Dome helmets come in 2 sizes to cover a similar range of head sizes.  Both the Camp and Black Diamond helmets were very similarly priced, so I figured a one-size-fits-all helmet would be better than trying to individually size each client.  While I am confident that these helmets are safe, I have noticed some shotty workmanship on 3 out of the 6- the foam pads that are glued to the inside of the helmet for comfort are haphazardly placed and will likely fall off soon.  See the picture below for a reference.  I am a bit disappointed in Camp for not having better quality control and/or workmanship.  After closer inspection, I noticed that these helmets were manufactured in China.  I do believe that China produces some quality products, but these helmets seem to fit the stereotype- sad.  I wish I had gone with the Black Diamond helmets, as I have always been pleased with Black Diamond products (except their headlamps!).

Well, for the rental rock climbing harnesses I did decide to go with Black Diamond, and so far I am glad that I did.  I bought 6 Momentum harnesses, one each sizes XS~XXL.  Coupled with the harnesses that we already had, our selection is quite good.  The Momentum harness has automatic "speed" buckles, quick-adjusting leg loops, full padding and 4 gear loops.  The padding and gear loops are important for multi-pitch climbing, and the automatic buckles are quick and easy for clients to put on.  So far, all the clients have been happy with the harnesses.  One downside I have noticed is that the fabric covering the foam is thin and has already torn on one of the harnesses.  Also, I wonder how long the foam will hold up because it is quite soft.  It makes for a comfortable harness now, but I question the longevity of these two components.  Time will tell!

The Gear Closet Chronicles

mid-October, and each pair has only been used once or twice so far.  They are still in immaculate condition, and we plan on keeping them that way!  I have been impressed with the shoes so far.  I like Velcro-closure rock climbing shoes for the ease of use, and for ease of cleaning.  The shoes are a bit stiff-soled, which improves comfort on the ground, but has proven a bit difficult for clients while climbing slabs (a Joshua Tree specialty).  They do seem like they will last a long time before getting worn-out, which is a definite bonus for our business.  As the season progresses, I will report back on how the shoes are fairing.  Overall, I would recommend these shoes to other guide companies or climbing gyms.

Momentum Harness by Black Diamond

Stone Adventures - Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guides - Stone Adventures rental rock climbing helmet. The wheel spins to adjust for different head sizes.
Stone Adventures - Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guides - Stone Adventures rental rock climbing shoes, FiveTen Stone Masters

30 Nov. 2015

Stone Adventures - Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guides - Stone Adventures rental rock climbing helmets. Camp Armour rock climbing helmets.

Since we have moved in to the new house, we have a lot more space to store our climbing gear!  Until now, our climbing gear lived a cramped life- packed into a tiny closet or under a bed.  But now we have the "man cave," which is an entire room in our house (a converted garage) dedicated to gear storage!  The room is still in it's infancy; I haven't had a chance to build the shelving and hanging storage space that I dream about.  So, while we are still dealing with boxes, bags, and Rubbermaid containers, there is a lot more space to work with!

The design concept for the gear closet will be to line the back wall (pictured) with a very strong wooden dowel about 5 feet high, so that all the climbing gear can be hung.  That way, everything is visible and easy to grab and throw into a climbing pack.  Above the wooden dowel will be a very large shelf where the camping gear will be stored.  Underneath the wooden dowel will be space for

Rock climbing guides have a lot of climbing gear- the perks of the job!  But having loads of climbing equipment requires a special place to store it.  This is the story of our gear closet, and the gear that comes and goes through it.

Welcome to the Gear Closet Chronicles!

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