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Can you hang with us for a full day rock climbing session?  The full day guided rock climbing trip in Joshua Tree is ideal for intermediate and advanced rock climbers who have the stamina to climb all day long.  Our full day trips are also great for climbers who want to summit some of the bigger objectives in Joshua Tree National Park, such as the 400 foot tall Saddle Rock formation, the 350 foot tall Mary Worth Buttress and Comic Book formations, or the 300 foot tall Lost Horse Wall.  Join us for an adventure day where you climb all day long without ever touching the dirt!

Hire your own, personal rock climbing guide in Joshua Tree National Park to focus on exactly what you want!  Your wish is our command.  We will never add unknown people to your group; it will just be you and a certified, permitted and insured Stone Adventures rock climbing guide spending the day together.  We provide all of the rock climbing equipment, so all you need to bring is food, water and your enthusiasm!  Let us take care of the work- setting up the ropes, belaying, logistics and safety- so you can focus on enjoying your rock climbing experience in  beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.  Private rock climbing trips are available every day of the year, so contact us at (760) 364-0547 or to reserve your trip today!

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Our Joshua Tree rock climbing Adventures Days are the ultimate rock climbing adventure!  While most people stick to climbing the smaller rocks in Joshua Tree, our Adventure Days focus on the largest rock formations to be found!  Adventure Days combine hiking, scrambling, technical rock climbing, short roping, and rappelling to conquer HUGE rock climbing objectives.  These days are filled with fun, excitement, adventure and unforgettable views.  Never fear- Adventure Days come in all difficulty levels- from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  Adventure Days are run by Stone Adventures rock climbing guides who are certified multi-pitch guides.

1/2 day guided rock climbing trips are perfect for beginner climbers, families, or for anyone on a tight time schedule.  These 4-5 hour rock climbing sessions are spent entirely rock climbing!  Our aim is to pack in the climbing- to get you on as many climbs as you can handle.  For this reason, we don't typically take lunch breaks (unless you want to).  Our current record is 11 rock climbing routes in a half day session!  In fact, our rock climbing guides are often able to get you on more climbs in a half day session than your typical climber gets in an entire weekend!

All of our Joshua Tree rock climbing guides are fully certified, permitted and insured to ensure that you have the best and safest possible time rock climbing in beautiful Joshua Tree National Park!  Our rock climbing guides are there to provide safety, coaching and inspirational support to help you get as high as you want to.  To meet your potential Joshua Tree rock climbing guide, click: Meet Our Guides.

NO ONE is too big, too small, too old, too young, too weak or too strong to hire a professional rock climbing guide!  Everyone is welcome to try rock climbing, and all it takes to succeed is a positive, can-do attitude.  We work with people of all ages, sizes and abilities.  Even expert-level rock climbers will find they get more out of the day with a professional rock climbing guide than they would otherwise with a regular climbing partner.