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Anchoring to Sport Bolts

Annie's refresher videos - Forgot something from the rock climbing class you just took?  Watch Annie's quick refresher videos if you did!

Learn your figure 8 rock climbing knot before you come climb with us!  The "Double Figure 8 Follow Through" is the most useful knot for rock climbers.

Video 2 - Ground Anchor

free tutorial videos from stone adventures

Video 1 - Intro and Gear


Choosing Anchor Locations

The Figure 8 Knot for Rock Climbing - Every Variation!

Equalizing with the Super-8

Stone Adventures' head rock climbing guide, Aron Stockhausen, offers two free tutorial video series on rope solo lead climbing- a way to rock climb by yourself!  Warning- this is a very advanced form of rock climbing- not for beginners!!!

Video 3 - Racking and Usage

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The Super-8

Clove Hitch

The Square Knot

Rope Jamming Problems

Double Fisherman's - To prepare your cordelette for anchor building

The Butterfly Knot

How to tie the Super-8

Rope Solo Lead Climb Updates Tips, Tricks and Issues

Although it is not appropriate for load-bearing applications, the square knot is a useful knot that every rock climber (and every person) should know.

How To Rope Solo Lead Climb using the Soloist device

Video 4 - Climbing

In addition to private rock climbing guiding, Stone Adventures also runs outdoor education programs to help indoor rock climbers safely transition to the outdoors.  The classes are run both in the rock climbing gym and at Joshua Tree National Park. Below are some free tutorials made to help our students review. Check them out to either review and practice you new skills, or to get an idea of some of the skills we cover in our rock climbing courses. We hope to see you rock climbing in Joshua Tree!

The Ashley Book of Knots - A link to the "Knot Bible," the entire book in PDF format.

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Building the Quad Anchor

Video 5 - Tips and Advice