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Instruction Rates*
1 Person
2 People
3 People
4 People
5 People
6 People

It can be tricky to learn how to make your own rock climbing anchors.  Whether you want to climb multi-pitch or top rope, building a solid rock climbing anchor is an essential skill that every rock climber must master.  During this course, our Stone Adventures guide will show you the basics of anchor building, and then teach you all the tips and tricks which take your basic anchor to the next level!

Students are encouraged to bring their own gear (everything they've got!) so they can learn how to use it.  The course will be taught in beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.  It will cover bolted anchors, fixed anchors, and creating your own anchors using traditional gear (cams, nuts, etc.)

We want to make your Joshua Tree rock climbing dream a reality!  At Stone Adventures, we have competitive rates and give our clients top-notch rock climbing experiences.

Students are encouraged to bring their own rock climbing gear (everything they've got!) so they can learn how to use it.  The course will be taught in beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.  The anchor building course is recommended in addition to this course, and for rock climbers who lead climb indoors, the sport climbing course is also very helpful.  Discounts may apply when booking multiple courses.

Gym to Stone Course 6-8 hrs.

Another one of our very popular rock climbing instruction courses.  The intro to outdoor sport climbing is really designed for the indoor climber who has learned to lead climb indoors and wants to take those skills outdoors, although it is still applicable to people who have not yet learned lead climbing.  The sport climbing course will cover lead climbing technique, lead belaying technique, anchor building, cleaning the anchor, and rappelling.

Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Instruction

We love big groups!  Contact us for special (aka discounted!) rates for groups of over 10 people.  We specialize in:

Standard Rock Climbing Guiding Rates

Prices are quoted per person

  • Bouldering
  • Top Rope Rock Climbing
  • Outdoor Rock Climbing Techniques
  • Anchor Building (Overview)
  • Gear Needed for Outdoor Rock Climbing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Ethics and Manners

Joshua Tree Nature Walks

Are you a beginner rock climber?  Are you looking to try rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park?  Our private guided rock climbing trips in Joshua Tree are the perfect thing for you.  You and your friends and family will have your personal Joshua Tree rock climbing guide who will cater the day to your exact needs and wishes.  With a private rock climbing trip, all of the rock climbing gear is included at no extra charge.  Additional people will not be added to your group, so the day will be yours to spend any way you like!  Private guided trips are also the perfect thing for more experienced climbers who want to tackle more ambitious rock climbs, or who don't want to share their time on the rocks.

Anchor Building Course 5-6 hrs.

This instruction course is for the rock climber who wants to venture into the great unknown!  Traditional, or trad, climbing takes us into territory where there are no bolts!  This course is designed to teach the rock climber how to place traditional protection (cams, nuts, etc.) while lead climbing on crack systems.  These are the basic skills needed to venture onto larger walls, such as the famous El Capitan in Yosemite.  Do you have the itch to learn the essence of rock climbing?  This course will prepare you for a lifetime of rock climbing.

Nature walks have a flat fee of $150 for up to six people.  For groups of more than 6 people, please contact us!  Click here for more information about Nature Walks in Joshua Tree.

Our nature and desert plant specialist, Annie, will take you on a guided hike to some amazing parts of Joshua Tree National Park!  Along the way, she will point out many different species of plants, talk about desert ecology, and hopefully even spot some of the rare and elusive wildlife that can be found in the park.  The hike will be catered to your needs, desires and abilities.  The typical nature walk takes about 2-3 hours, but contact us if you have a different request.

  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Teambuilding
  • Travel Groups/Travel Agencies
  • Boyscout/Girlscout Troops
  • Private Parties
  • TV/Movie/Commercial Filming and Rigging
Stone Adventures - Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guides - Rock Climber on the summit of Saddle Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park

Private Rock Climbing Guide in Joshua Tree

1/2 Day
Full Day
1 Person
2 People
3 People
4 People
5 People
6 People

Intro to Sport Climbing 5-7 hrs.

Come Climb With Us!

Rock Climbing Instruction Rates*

Prices are quoted per person

Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing 1-2 days

Rappelling Course 4-5 hrs.

Group Rock Climbing

At Stone Adventures, we believe that rock climbing guides, especially rock climbing guides in Joshua Tree National Park, have a responsibility to help the rock climbing community become safer, better and more efficient rock climbers.  Knowledge is power!  For this reason, we offer a substantial discount to rock climbers looking to learn additional skills!  Instructional courses may be taught in a group setting.

The pricing for all of our rock climbing instruction courses is $105/person, with a minimum of 3 people*.  If you have less than 3 people, the minimum rate of $315 (3 x $105) still applies.

Do you know how to get yourself or your partner out of trouble if something goes wrong during a rock climbing ascent?  If not, our self rescue course would be a great idea- and just might save someone's life!  We custom-design our self rescue courses to focus on exactly the scenarios you might encounter.  Our full self rescue course takes 2 days to cover everything, but a one day course might be possible depending upon which skills you need to learn for your chosen adventure!  Possible topics include: improvised belaying, hauling, rope ascension, belay escapes, rescue spiders, counter-weighted lowering, knot passes and more!

The gym to stone course is our most popular rock climbing instruction course, and is designed for the rock climber who started with indoor rock climbing and now wants to transition to outdoor rock climbing.  This instructional rock climbing course is designed to show the climber how to take all of the indoor climbing skills outdoors.  This course will cover the following skill sets:

Do you have your sights set on some adventure rock climbing, or perhaps a canyoneering trip?  Learning to rappel safely is one of the most basic, yet most often overlooked skills for the rock climber, mountaineer, alpinist, canyoneer, or outdoor enthusiast.  Rappelling is statistically the most dangerous aspect of rock climbing, so learn to do it correctly!  Our rappelling course covers self-tethering, rappel set ups, rope management, extended/elevated rappels, and numerous backup systems. 

Intro to Traditional Lead Climbing 6-8 hrs.

Self Rescue Course 1-2 days (customized)

Have you got your sight set on some big rock climbing objectives?  Do those huge rock faces keep calling to you in your dreams?  Let our certified multi-pitch rock climbing guides teach you the basics of multi-pitch climbing.  Learning by trial and error is not the way to delve into multi-pitch rock climbing!  Our rock climbing guides will get you up to speed with multi-pitch belaying, climbing, anchor building, rope management, self tethering, racking, and gear needed.  And, we will take you up some multi-pitch climbs so that you can see how it's one!

*Instruction rates are not applicable on holidays or peak season weekends.  During these times standard rates will apply.