Mary worth buttress

Level:       Expert

Difficulty:  5.10 Rock Climbing

Length:     650' of Rock Climbing

INT. or ADV.

The Comic Book formation is one of the largest rock formations in Joshua Tree.  Climb the "Comic Book," a classic 4-pitch 5.10a route involving some wide-crack technique, and then continue another 300' to the top of the "Nameless Peak" at 4960 ft. elevation!  This is a big day, and is best suited for 1 climber and 1 guide.

Level:       Advanced

Difficulty:  5.7 or harder Rock Climbing

Length:     500' or more of Rock Climbing


Combine hiking, scrambling and technical rock climbing to conquer the Mary Worth Buttress and beyond to summit "Nameless Peak" at 4,960 ft. elevation.  A mountaineering-style objective.  You might even have some time left to do a few more climbing routes at the nearby Comic Book Area!  Advanced climbers may be able to combine this with the Saddle Rocks 1st summit for a double adventure day!


Rock Climbing Adventure Days in Joshua Tree

Saddle ROck - Triple Linkup

Level:       Intermediate or Advanced

Difficulty:  5.7 or 5.9 Rock Climbing

Length:     800' of Rock Climbing

Saddle Rocks rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park




The Lost Horse Adventure Day combines multi-pitch climbing, single-pitch climbing, and rappelling to achieve numerous summits without ever touching the dirt!  Start off by climbing the 300 ft. Lost Horse wall, then drop down the back side into the Rock Garden Valley.  Climb a few routes and then drop into the Dairy Queen Wall for even more rock climbing!


Saddle Rocks rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park





List of Adventure Days

Level:       Adventurous Beginner

Difficulty:  5.5 Rock Climbing

Length:     500' of Rock Climbing

INT. or ADV.

Over 800' of rock climbing in Joshua Tree?  Yes, it is possible!  This is the biggest rock climbing objective in Joshua Tree.  Climb to the first summit, then rappel and traverse to the second summit and climb that!  Descend and climb the third summit all the way to the top of Saddle Rocks!  The ultimate rock climbing Adventure Day in Joshua Tree.  Intermediate level climbers can skip the middle summit (the hardest summit) and still enjoy a huge day on Saddle Rock!


Mary Worth Buttress rock climbing in joshua tree national park

Let Stone Adventures take you on the Joshua Tree rock climbing adventure of a lifetime!  Our huge adventure days consist of multi-pitch rock climbing on some of the biggest and baddest rock formations in Joshua Tree National Park.  Our Adventure Days our full day guided rock climbing trips designed for the beginner, intermediate or advanced rock climber.  Adventure Days are guided by certified multi-pitch rock climbing guides, and are run at a maximum client to guide ratio of 2:1 or 1:1.  No big groups here, just huge rock climbing objectives.  Want a big adventure, or a training day for the big mountains?  Our Joshua Tree Adventure Days are for you!  Who knew that you could get that alpine feeling 10 minutes from the car in Joshua Tree?  Standard/private full day rates apply- click for rates.

Trevor and Kevin waaaay off the deck on the third summit of the Triple Linkup Adventure Day on Saddle Rocks!

Saddle ROck - 1st Summit

Level:       Intermediate

Difficulty:  5.7 Rock Climbing

Length:     400' of Rock Climbing

Excellent multi-pitch climbing, rappelling and a summit all in one?  Welcome to the intermediate level  Saddle Rocks Adventure Day.  We will climb the first, and biggest, of the three summits on the Saddle Rocks formation.  The climbing is excellent, and the views from on top are unparalleled.  Don't forget your camera!  a 2 pitch rappel and some scrambling bring us back to the ground.



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